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YA Summer Scavenger Hunt! (Location #63)

Hello beautiful readers! Thank you so much for playing! If you've stumbled upon this post, make sure you check out the rules of the scavenger hunt here before you begin! And remember to write down your keyword!

I'm so glad you're here! Since you've made it this far, how about a look at my newest release and a chance to win some prizes???

There are strange things out there. Things I thought only existed in fairy tales.

My name is Kailani Ericson and my life pretty much sucks. My mother is an indentured servant in this lonely house, serving a hateful old woman who gets her kicks by terrorizing me. One of my few comforts is the sea in my backyard. Diving into its frigid depths is the one thing that makes me truly happy.

Then he shows up, and my entire world shifts.

Bryce Howell is gorgeous, every girl’s fantasy. He’s also arrogant, insolent, and strictly forbidden. But he’s not normal. He’s something different. Something magical. Our attraction to each other just may be my downfall.

As it turns out, I’m not normal either. I am the stuff of myths and legends. Suddenly, my love of the sea and its pull on me make a lot more sense.

They say legends never die, and I hope that’s true. There are those who want me dead, and if I can’t put a halt to my seemingly inevitable transformation, there will be nothing I can do to stop them.

I love the sea, but ultimately, it might just be what kills me.

The inspiration for Suppressed was my favorite childhood movie, The Little Mermaid. Many of the characters are loosely based on characters from the movie- Kailani's mother is based on Ariel; her father, Eric. Ms. Coraline is one of the less savory characters. :) I asked myself: what if Ariel and Eric didn't live happily ever after? What if they had a child and circumstances caused them to split apart, never revealing to that child the reason or her heritage... or her true nature?

Keeping with the theme of Suppressed, I'm giving away a prize pack that includes some books and jewelry inspired by mythical creatures!

(Signed paperback)

Okay, you're all set to move on to the next author on the list, #64 Wendy Knight. I hope you win lots and lots *OF* prizes in the hunt!

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