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  • Wendi L. Wilson


Oh. My. God. I love THIS ENTIRE SERIES so much!

All four of these books make up an intense, imaginative story that keeps you on your toes from beginning to end. My emotions ran the gamut, from excitement to depression, disbelief to shock, anger to tears of pure happiness. So basically— I had all the feels.

I love every character in this series. The good, the bad, the bad that want to be good, the bad that have so much fun being bad. They are well-developed, interesting, thought-provoking beasts that had me second guessing my every prediction. And, for the record, I was usually wrong.

The amount of effort put into weaving this tale is evident. It’s so complex, so intriguing, with no detail left dangling at the end. Every question was answered, every mystery solved, every problem these characters faced was resolved beautifully. And the world-building… ah, exquisite!

Love, true friendship, commitment, redemption- this series has it all. I wish I had the power to make this series into a movie. It would be amazing. I highly recommend this entire series, to readers who enjoyed Vampire Academy, The Mortal Instruments, and Twilight. You’re gonna love it.

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